Hot Chip and rocker Jarvis Cocker are coming together for the electronic’s group’s new single, ‘Straight to the Morning’, according to NME.

It’s a remarkably youthful track, both in sound and performance. The buoyant synth-pop accompanies a video of a group of teenagers having an exuberant and chaotic slumber party. They make candy smoothies. They smash fancy plates. They generally create a huge mess as one should in this situation.

Directed by RÉALITÉ, it’s a typical slice of sunny electronica from Hot Chip. Lead singer Alexis Taylor mostly dominates, singing euphoric lines like “Straight to the morning / The fever will never end / Straight to the morning / When we can just start again”. The ageing sage Cocker contributes his signature crooning vocal mostly in the background. He also pops up in the video, as a stylish Guitar Hero-esque video game performer, dancing in that inimitable way only the Pulp man can.

‘Straight to the Morning’ arrives just weeks after Hot Chip released their curated instalment of the iconic ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation series. They contributed several new tracks, alongside a cover of the Velvet Underground’s excellent ‘Candy Says’.

The band’s last and seventh studio album came out last year, titled A Bath Full of Ecstasy. There’s no word yet on when a follow-up record will be ready.

It’s been a busier 2020 for Cocker. His new project, the cleverly-titled JARV IS, released their debut album Beyond the Pale in July. The intriguing record incorporated live recordings, including two songs played in an actual cave in Northern England, and was defined by the group as an “alive album”.

It was a critical success, with many calling it his finest work since Pulp. The Britpop crooner also performed an exclusive set at London’s Barbican earlier this month, covering the Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus in Furs’ and The Fall’s ‘Big New Prinz’.

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Check out ‘Straight to the Morning’ by Hot Chip ft. Jarvis Cocker:

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