What has 2013 consisted of since we last spoke with the band?
So much, it’s hard to recall it all!

Working with producer Jean-Paul Fung was a big part of 2013 for us. Being the first time we’d ever worked with a producer, we had to get used to someone telling us that our ideas here and there were shit (he never actually used that word) and that we should try something else, so in hindsight the adjusting to the critical feedback was a great and super rewarding experience.

You’ve just returned from Paradise Music Festival – tell us about the festival
Paradise was a trip. After tearing down the Hume from a show in Sydney the night before, we arrived pretty cooked and had only managed a few hours sleep in the three days prior so once we reached the festival site it was an absolute dream to be in the alpine air and pristine scenery. Performing on an open air-stage with a crowd blissing out in the sun-lit amphitheatre was pretty special and something we will be definitely be doing more of into the coming festival season.

Did you get to hangout for the weekend and catch other acts? If so, any highlights?
We arrived on day two about 2hrs before we were due on stage on Saturday so unfortunately we missed the opening day and all the great artists that played and then had to bail on Sunday morning to shoot our music video for the our new single ‘Just Don’t Move Me’ so unfortunately also missed the last day of music as well! The highlights of what we did catch was seeing our good friends Rat & Co play a great mostly improvised set, watching Millions play was excellent and catching Forces play their infectious 80’s techno jig was oh so enjoyable.

Has there been a specific gig the band have played this year that has really stood out?
Our sold-out EP launch was a standout simply because we just had an absolute fucking ball. The crowd was amazingly responsive and there the just a great energy in the room. We also just did a show the The Northern in Byron Bay, which was our best show so far. The crowd of gorgeous hippies were totally on our musical wave-length and made us feel so good up there on stage.

Any horror/hilarious on the stories you can share?
One of the funniest was playing a festival show and mid-solo I was jumping around the stage like a kangaroo on crack and when I turned to get back to the mic for the chorus there was a women completely cooked on acid dancing on stage like an absolute space cadet right in front of my microphone. We had to jam out until she moved out of the way and then continued into the chorus, it was brilliant.

Hailing from Melbourne, is there a favourite venue, like a “home-base” the band love performing at the most?
I couldn’t say there is ONE favourite venue as Melbourne is full of great places to play and we feel blessed just to be able to get up on these stages and make noise. We are particularly excited to be launching our new single at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne on Dec 19th. I’ve watched some of my favourite bands play on that stage and seeing the room full and hearing the sweet Nexo sound system hum is lovely.

Who are some local acts you guys are digging that we should keep our eyes out for?
Tough question. There are SO many great local acts getting around at the moment. The three bands we’ve got to support us at our Melbourne single launch are all fucking excellent, them being Red Spencer, Ben Wright Smith and Waxhead, these guys just simply have some of the sweetest vibrations going round.

Has there been a particular artist/band you guys have seen this year that really blew your mind?
Seeing Sleepy Sun (San Francisco) play at Ding Dong earlier this year was an epic gig. Their music is just intense and their sound so captivating. Seeing and listening to them play felt like traversing though mountainous soundscape of bliss.

For a bit of fun, if you could tour with any band – who would it be, and why?
Easily Thee Oh Sees. They are the sickest dudes around.

‘Just Don’t Move Me’ is a great track! Is this the beginning of a full-length release?
Maybe. It’s definitely part of something. We have some BIG plans planned.

What can we expect from your single launch in December, any snippets of unreleased material?
I think most of our set will be unreleased!

What’s in store for House of Laurence for 2014?
Lots! We’ve set ourselves some pretty big targets and we’ll be working our arses off to make them come to fruition. It’s going to be a fun year for House of Laurence, I can feel it in my waters.

House Of Laurence Single Launch

With Waxhead, Ben Wright Smith & Red Spencer
Thursday 19 December 2013 (opening 8:00 PM)
Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne

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