Just under a year ago, TIME magazine compiled a list of the best headphone brands money could buy which as one would expect, saw some of the highest quality cans fetching for a pretty crazy price, but do these badboys warrant such a hefty price tag?

An article published by The New York Times (via Stoney Roads) has (re)surfaced online uncovering just how much the almighty fashion headphone accessory, Beats By Dr. Dre (which is now owned by Apple) cost to make, and boy can we tell you, it is disgustingly cheap.

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Despite that some of the top-end Beats headphones sell for a bank-breaking $479.95, according to The Times brand designers stated that the price of making the giant-cupped headies at a measly $14.00. Yep, you read that right, for not even the super-cheap price of one of Australia’s best weekly local gigs, Apple can churn out a nearly $480.00 retailing product. Bet you’re now staring at your glossy pair of headphones in horrific disbelief.

Matching this quick little cost-versus-sale example with TIME’s headphone assessment, the stinkingly expensive yet painfully cheap to make item was actually rated by the magazine as the second worst of the 18 headphones examined, beating only Plantronics who charge around the $300.00 for their top product.

Now, some may argue that there are other costs involved that not only get these headphones onto shelves, but into consumer’s hands such. It’s true that Beats are a marketing juggernaut who pump an insane amount cash into both sportspeople and celebrity endorsements which have all contributed to the massive market share in the headphone game, however with such a mark-up, there’s still plenty of end profit made.

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It’s no wonder Dr. Dre was frequently crowned one of the richest people in music, obviously now with his sale of the product to Apple, the tech company will too see their bank accounts further explode.