Australian police have continued their strict chokehold over live hip hop shows throughout the country, with Wollongong’s Huskii being the latest artist to suffer. 

Widely considered to be one of the best MCs in the country, it’s a heavy title that comes with its own spotlight for Huskii. Promising to perform parts of his new album at shows across Melbourne, Townsville, and Sunny Coast with a large supporting cast, it’s another missed opportunity for Huskii to perform in his hometown.

It’s not the first time Huskii’s show has been the subject of law enforcement interference, with his show with Fortay and That Kid Kearve’s Sydney show being shut down back in June.

Speaking to his fans via an Instagram post, Huskii said: “We just been extorted by NSW police AGAIN!! They reckon if we wanna do the show in Wollongong I need to pay a $30,000 police fee. We can’t do this and I dunno what to say for the future but I am sorry this happened again. Hopefully one day I can perform in my hometown and make a living off my music again.”

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Hip hop has always had a complicated relationship with the law, something we’ve seen throughout history with multiple acts like NWA back in the ’90s and more recently within the UK, but in recent years it’s been a reoccurring story throughout Australia.

One of the countries biggest hip hop groups, ONEFOUR, were famously forced to cancel their first national tour back in 2019 due to police pressure, and have had an ongoing public feud with the law since.

The group will detail their frequent run ins with law enforcement and the censorship of rap music throughout Australia in their Netflix documentary ONEFOUR: Against All Odds, which is set for release soon.

It’s not all bad news for Huskii: his Melbourne show alongside Fortay and That Kid Kearve (and many others) is still going ahead this Friday, October 13th at the city’s Laundry Bar.

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