Michael Crafter has taken to Facebook to address I Killed The Prom Queen’s removal from the UNIFY Gathering lineup on Friday, just hours after the lineup was first announced.

On Thursday morning, UNIFY Gathering unleashed their lineup for the 2019 edition of the festival, which happened to feature the 2004 lineup of I Killed The Prom Queen performing a ‘nostalgia set’.

However, within hours of the festival’s lineup being announced, numerous posts began to surface accusing frontman Michael Crafter of sexism in relation to a series of posts he made online two years ago. In light of these posts, festival organisers made the executive decision to remove the band from the festival lineup.

“We made this decision because historical comments made on social media by former member Michael Crafter, who was to re-appear as guest singer of I Killed the Prom Queen for their one-off 2004 nostalgia set,” explained UNIFY Gather promoters. “These comments fall well short of today’s community standards and were considered deeply offensive to many people within our music community.”

“These comments are completely unacceptable and contrary to our deeply held values and beliefs that music is for everyone and to be enjoyed by all,” they continued. “We want to create a culture of positive change within the music industry and it’s our responsibility to call out unacceptable behaviour wherever we see it.”

Now, Michael Crafter himself has taken to Facebook to issue a full statement on the group’s removal, and apologised for his past behaviour and comments.

“Been a crazy few days and I understand why. Iktpq was removed from the festival for my past comments and I think being held to better standards is a good thing,” Crafter began. “Some people here would be too young to know that years ago I was a moderator on a website from 2005-2009 called broken glass that had an online public forum with over 5000 users.”

“What started as something FOR the music scene ended up being a toxic mess of bullying, nudity and online shaming. The entire site and forum was terribly managed and a massive cause of drama and personal issues for a lot of people.”

“I’ve seen a lot of people come out and support me over the last few days but I ask that you stop. What I was apart of is indefensible and I don’t want BGO to create more drama for people in 2018,” he continued. “If this online forum affected you I sincerely apologise for the forum even existing and wish it actually never did.”

“We need to all be held to better standards, accept our past mistakes and apologise for this. It’s not hard to be better to each other and say sorry if you’ve been a flat out asshole, bully or know your said some really shitty things.”

“Talking about past issues, building bridges and aiming to positively learn and grow from this experience and step forward as a better person is something I hope to do from all of this,” Crafter concluded.

“While it’s been challenging, I’m taking it as a learning experience to reflect on my attitudes, the language I’ve used in the past, and how I want to encourage other men in the scene to reflect on our culture and how we can all work to make it better.“

While I Killed The Prom Queen’s removal from the UNIFY Gathering lineup still stands, it appears that Michael Crafter wants people to learn from his past actions and hopes that others will take a stand against such behaviour in the future.

If you or somebody you care for has experienced sexual assault, contact 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732 to speak to a counsellor.

Check out UNIFY Gathering headliners Underøath’s ‘On My Teeth’:


UNIFY Gathering 2019 Lineup

Friday, January 11th

Underøath (Exclusive Australian Performance)
Karnivool (First East Coast Show Since 2016)
In Hearts Wake
Ocean Grove
While She Sleeps (Exclusive Australian Performance)
Crossfaith (Exclusive Australian Performance)
Dream On Dreamer
The Plot In You (Exclusive Australian Performance)
Hand Of Mercy (Exclusive Reunion Show)
Dream State (Exclusive Australian Performance)
Ocean Sleeper
Better Half

Saturday, January 12th

Taking Back Sunday (Playing Tell All Your Friends In Full)
Trophy Eyes
State Champs (Exclusive Australian Performance)
Endless Heights
Harms Way
Stand Atlantic
After Touch
Yours Truly

Friday, January 11th – Monday, January 13th, 2019
Tarwin Meadows, Gippsland, VIC
Tickets: UNIFY Gathering