Only a few days ago a friend and I were locked in conversation, wondering how the resident ravers of The Berghain were coping during this period of self-isolation. Turns out the club devotees found away to circumvent social-distancing, by hosting a ‘drive-in rave’.

Club Index, a nightclub in the town of Schüttorf in Germany, opened its car park to 250 cars with a maximum of two occupants each. The performance was headlined by hardstyle DJ Devin Wild, whose music was transmitted into the car radios. Honestly, being stuck in a car listening to hardstyle without the numbing freedom of drugs or alcohol doesn’t sound that much better than being forced to endure Chinese water torture.

You can check out footage from the event below.

Index will host André Vernim & Michael Sanders this Friday, followed by Marc Moel & Marv U on Saturday. Tickets are available through the club website here.

Last month, Denmark attempted to replicate the live music experience by hosting a drive-in concert with musician Mads Langer. Much like the rave, the audience transmitted Langer’s performance via FM. The concert was the first in a series of planned live events set to take place at the site.

As the future of live music amid the coronavirus pandemic remains murky, we should be celebrating ingenuity — irrespective of my personal distaste for the concept of car clubbing.

Last week Chief Medical officer revealed that large gatherings like “big music festivals” would “certainly” be off the cards until a cure for coronavirus is found. It has been predicted that festivals probably won’t return for two long summers.

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