Instagram model Aliza Jane recently claimed that Kanye West blocked her because she requested to smash Pusha T.

Instagram model Aliza Jane has recently revealed that Kanye West blocked her number because she asked him if she could smash Pusha T. This was after the two shared a New Year’s Eve kiss which leads Aliza to believe Kanye blocked her out of jealousy. Aliza says the reason she wanted to hook up with Pusha T in the first place is become she wanted to get back at Drake, and as Drake’s “archnemesis,” Pusha T was the perfect person to do it with.

Throughout the clip Aliza makes a point of name dropping as many household names as she can in an attempt to flex her status. This makes sense because it is the foundation of her current success as in 2018, the IG influencer blew up after a report came out that she had an orgy with nearly half of the Pheonix Suns roster. I’m not even trying to hate, that’s awesome for her.

Aliza said all of this was happening amid the Pete Davidson/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West drama and cited that as a possible reason for his callous response.

“Aliza Claims #Kanye Was Her New Years Kiss and He Allegedly Blocked Her Because She Requested To Smash #PushaT

This isn’t the only bizarre second-hand Ye story that’s popped up recently. In a Roundtable interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Danny McBride recently opened up about one of the more bizarre interactions he’s had in his career. The Righteous Gemstones actor talked about how he went out on a boat in South Carolina with Kanye West for the day and how West then opened up to him about an idea for a biopic in which McBride would play West.

At the end of the nearly hour-long discussion with the comedians, host Lacey Rose’s final question to the group was simple: out of anyone in the industry, who do you most want to have call you up to work with them? The answers started out relatively mild until the end. Michael Che referenced many of those dream collabs coming true on Saturday Night Live. Jerrod Carmichael said he’d love to play business mogul David Geffen so he could get onto Geffen’s massive yacht. But after a lull in laughter, McBride shocked the table.

“One time, I did get a phone call from Kanye West, and, this is real, he came to my house in South Carolina and wanted me to play him in a movie,” said McBride. Everyone else at the roundtable stared at McBride in disbelief and confusion before an array of questions came in. Bowen Yang piped up, “you to play him?!”

“Yeah,” McBride continued, “[Kanye] flew down to South Carolina, and I took him out in a boat for the day, and he said that he wanted…me to do a movie of his life, and he wanted me to play him.”

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