Let’s just hope the crowd had health insurance. After decades of swinging his guitar in front of fan’s faces at Iron Maiden shows. Janick Gers has finally sent his guitar flying towards the crowds for the first time. It was bound to happen to be honest.

It’s essentially come to be expected at this point. Janick Gers coming to the very edge of the stage at the final moments of an Iron Maiden concert, swinging his six-stringed weapon of destruction close enough to the faces of fans that they can almost taste the impact. Although a Gers-inflicted face wound would make for some story, the performer is always cautious enough to not bring upon damage on the crowd.

However, in San Antonio, Texas, on the tail of the band’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ tour, the fans nearly snagged a brand new guitar when Gers freed his instrument from his hands. Quick as anything, Gers motioned for someone to recover the up-for-grabs instrument from the crowd.

You can watch the guitar fly above the heads of the crowd below, reaching heights almost as high as the replica Spitfire fighter plane that dances above the stage during ‘Aces High’. Thankfully he acted quick, or else that crowd would have split that thing apart for parts to sell in no time.

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden had a few words to say about Gers’ recklessness with his famous guitar spinning.

“I don’t knock [my bass guitars] about like Janick knocks his guitars about. I treat mine a little more respectfully,” Harris joked with Classic Rock in 2016 when asked if he’s rough on his basses. “No disrespect to him,” Harris continued, “but I’m not one to be throwing mine about or smashing them up or that sort of thing.”

No doubts Gers will be extra secure with his guitar from here on out.