Azealia Banks, it’s been nice knowing you, but we just can’t do it anymore. We still think ‘212’ is an absolute banger and we genuinely enjoyed your debut album and your mixtapes, but it’s just getting to be too much.

At first we thought your volatile nature was exciting. Sure, cut your sets at Splendour In The Grass and Listen Out short. We may have paid a lot of money to see you, but there’s other acts on the lineup to check out.

We even thought your early Twitter outbursts were amusing and we took it with good humour when you hit out at us personally and our beloved Splendour. We know how to have a laugh in Australia, so there’s no hard feelings about that.

But at a certain point, things went from mildly amusing and good-humoured to ugly and hateful. We can’t quite put our fingers on when we first noticed this change, but your homophobic slurs during that little airplane tantrum is a strong contender.

Now you’ve officially chucked our last bit of sympathy and patience into the toilet and stomped on the flush handle. As Time Out London notes, you’ve actually been going too far for too long, but your latest antics have left us saying ‘Enough.’

For those wondering just how far Azealia Banks went this time, well, she’s been canned from headlining London’s Born & Bred festival in Haggerston Park this June after embarking on a rant aimed at former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

Image via News Corp

After taking umbrage at the fact that scenes in Malik’s latest music video kind of sort of not really looked like scenes in one of her own clips, Banks tweeted at the pop star accusing him of jacking her steez and shared a collage of comparison images on Instagram.

After Malik issued a short string of non-retorts, Banks spent the next few hours calling the singer “curry scented”, “p*ki”, and “sand n***a” on Twitter, telling him she should “start calling you punjab you dirty b*tch”.

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In response, Born & Bred festival, which this year features acts like ILOVEMAKONNEN and Wiley, have cancelled Banks’ headline set, saying in a statement that the urban and dance-focused festival is meant to “celebrate inclusivity and equality”.

Organisers wasted little time in laying the smackdown on Banks and her hateful rant and it’s probably time for everybody else to do the same. Having alienated every label she’s ever been on, it doesn’t look like Banks’ career will ever get back on track.

In the mean time, she keeps giving fans and detractors alike more reasons to dislike her. Just think, when was the last time Azealia Banks made headlines for her music? Well, maybe this should be the last such headline. It’s time to put Azealia Banks to rest.