It’s been close to a decade since we first heard of the indie-rock supergroup (superduo?) Broken Bells, but now a mysterious post on social media seems to indicate that more music might be on its way.

Way back in 2004, The Shins’ James Mercer ran into Brian Burton (better known to most as Danger Mouse) while at a festival and they soon decided to work together. Half a decade later, the pair reconvened, forming the group Broken Bells, and began sharing the music they had created together.

In 2009, the pair released their debut single, ‘The High Road’, which managed to chart at #95 in the 2010 Hottest 100, following it up with their self-titled debut in early 2010. Continuing with their Meyrin Fields EP in 2011, the group’s last major release was 2014’s After The Disco, an album which spawned tracks such as ‘Holding On for Life’.

Since then, it’s been pretty much silence from the group, with James Mercer returning to The Shins, and Danger Mouse returning to his production work. However, it seems as though that could all be about to change.

Taking to social media earlier today, Broken Bells relaunched their Twitter and Instagram accounts to share an image which shows the pair in the studio together. Dated to be from July 26th, the image has definitely gotten some fans excited, with many speculating that this means that Broken Bells are indeed back in action.

Interestingly though, this post comes close to a year after James Mercer admitted to Music Feeds that he wasn’t exactly sure about what the future holds for Broken Bells.

“I’m not exactly sure what is next,” Mercer began. “I have corresponded with Brian a little bit about getting together, and he has affirmed that he’d like to do the same but he’s really busy as we all know, and obviously I’m busy right now too so I wouldn’t be able to do it in the next few months.”

“I’m not exactly sure what will end up next.”

So while the new social media post is definitely looking promising, we won’t know anything for sure until we find ourselves with an official statement from the pair (or, even better, some fresh tunes in our ears).

Check out Broken Bells’ ‘The High Road’: