My name is Gab, I’m sixteen years old and from Melbourne. I make electronic music under the moniker Japanese Wallpaper and I’ve just released my first single, ‘Breathe In’.

At the age of 16, the musical talent you possess is remarkable! Why did you choose to start making music?
I started making music on a long family holiday a few years ago – we were away for a few months and I didn’t have any instruments with me so I started experimenting with GarageBand on my laptop and it all went from there I guess.

Youve been getting rave reviews on triple j unearthed for your tracks. Why do you think its important for organisations like triple j to establish these kinds of unsigned artist pages?
I think Unearthed is a really amazing component of the Australian music scene – not many other countries have things like that which have such an impact on their local scenes. It can be a bit of a double-edged sword sometimes though, there are heaps of awesome bands on Unearthed that haven’t received any recognition but for the most part Australian music is much better off for having it.

Can you tell us a bit about your sound?
I’m never really sure how to describe my sound to people… I guess it’s electronic music to make your heart feel, rather than your feet.

You recently launched your new single Breathe In. What was the inspiration behind this track?
‘Breathe In’ started as a really basic demo that kept evolving as I continued playing it live – I’ve never really experienced that with a track before so it was a new way of working for me. I didn’t write the lyrics so from that perspective I don’t really have anything too meaningful to say about them but just the process of collaborating with someone who I admire so much and is a really good friend was pretty special.

How did the launch go, by the way?
It went pretty well I think! It was my first headline show which was pretty scary, but quite a few people came down and the show had a really cool atmosphere.

Any more live shows to follow?
I think so! My live show is definitely something that needs lots of work but I’m always trying to improve it and make it more physical, so hopefully I’ll have some more opportunities to show it to people.

Still in awe that you are only 16! Unbelievable. How many instruments can you actually play, and do you incorporate them all into your tracks?
I started playing the piano when I was 6 and I’ve just picked up other instruments along the way really… I sample electric guitar and bass a lot in my songs and sometimes I play guitar or keys live too.

In recent times weve seen a lot of songs remixed and covered by other bands The Flaming Lips took on Tame Impalas Elephant not long ago. Will we be seeing any more remixes/mash-ups from you anytime soon?
Yeah I think so! At the moment I’m trying to finish up some more original songs but remixes are definitely something I’ll come back to.

Whats next for Japanese Wallpaper?
I have two years left of school, so until it’s finished I guess it’s just a matter of taking all this a bit slow so that I can balance the two. I have a couple shows at the start of next year and a new single out around then too.

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