They say patience is a virtue and that’s definitely the case with Jarryd James as the singer is finally back with a brand new album.

2015 saw the rise of an unexpected artist when Jarryd James went from being a social worker in Queensland to mega pop star almost overnight when his debut single ‘Do You Remember’ captured the attention of listeners everywhere.

Many well-received performances, several tours, hundreds of millions of streams, and an ARIA award later, James then seemingly disappeared off the radar for a while, only periodically reappearing to release a new song.

But after a five-year wait, the singer is properly back with a bang as not only does he have a new album coming, he’s also got a new single out called ‘Miracles’.

Titled P.M., James considers the nine-track R&B album to be the next step in his music journey and was written at nighttime in order to really get the creative juices flowing (as well as eliminating all distractions).

As for how ‘Miracles’ came about, the singer says it was an idea the came out of when he was working in a recording studio in Nicaragua. There he was inspired by the “blurring” of time and disorientation of being in a different country.

Equally as disorientating is the music video for ‘Miracles’, which is a trippy-as-hell journey into what is presumably going through James’ mind.

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Speaking about the music video, director Mick Soiza says, “I really wanted to come up with a concept that I felt not only works with the song visually but also delivered on a slightly deeper level.

“Really aiming to give it the same sense of darkness, distinction and intrigue; featuring Jarryd and two doctors, Miracles allows you to enter the multi-layered world of Jarryd’s psyche – where we experience his inner thoughts, struggles and realisations.”  

As for when you can get your hands on Jarryd James’ new album, P.M. is scheduled to be released on Friday, January 22nd, so there’s plenty of time to get back up to speed on the singer, as well as re-watching his ‘Miracles’ music video on loop.

P.M. tracklist

  1. ‘Miracles’
  2. ‘I Do’
  3. ‘Let It Go’
  4. ‘Problems’
  5. ‘Don’t Forget’
  6. ‘Different Language’
  7. ‘Slow Motion’
  8. ‘Stop Me’
  9. ‘Overdue ft. Trapo’

Check out ‘Miracles’ by Jarryd James:

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