This May marks the 21st anniversary of the tragic passing of extremely talented musician Jeff Buckley. While plenty has been written about his short life and legacy in the years following his death, we’re now set to get a new biography of the late musician’s life by one of the people who knew him best.

As Far Out Magazine reports, Jeff Buckley’s manager Dave Lory is set to work alongside journalist Jim Irvin to help tell the story of Buckley’s life as he saw it.

“I’ve never been able to tell it from my perspective before, nor have I participated in any of the books or interviews previously written,” Dave Lory said in a statement.

“Apart from a few select occasions, I have refused to talk about my time with this unique artist. I found it too painful, too raw to revisit, for decades, but now I’m ready to tell my side of his story and to share my memories of the artist who burned so bright for too short a time but left a mark that is finding more new, devoted fans with every passing year.”

Titled Jeff Buckley From Hallelujah To The Last Goodbye, this new account of Buckley’s life is set to hit the shelves on May 29th, and will feature interviews with people who knew him the best, including Andy Wallace (the producer of Buckley’s sole studio album, Grace), drummer Matt Johnson, and Chris Dowd, who was Buckley’s best friend.

Often considered one of the greatest singers of all time, Jeff Buckley rose to fame throughout the ’80s and ’90s, eventually releasing his only studio effort, Grace. Sadly, in May of 1997, Buckley went swimming in the Wolf River Harbor, in Memphis, Tennessee, where he accidentally drowned.

In the years since his passing, numerous tributes and documentaries have been made in Buckley’s honour, with posthumous releases being gifted to his fans as well. While we can’t comment on how this new biography will stack up against the rest of the literature written about the highly influential musician, we only hope it does his life and legacy justice.

Jeff Buckley From Hallelujah To The Last Goodbye available for pre-orderis from the book’s official website.

Check out Jeff Buckley’s ‘Last Goodbye’:

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