Aussie music icons Jen Cloher and Adalita have teamed up with Amateur Hour and a bunch of other Aussie musos, including Davey Lane, to release a video which highlights the misogyny that many female musicians can experience in music shops.

Amateur Hour is a web-based skit show created by music nerd Laura Imbruglia. The show gathers local musicians to perform skits, play live, and have general fun on camera.

The opening episode from Season 2, entitled ‘Gender Reversed Guitar Shopping’, sees a couple walk into a music shop guitar hunting, only to find the sole male character harassed, embarrassed and belittled by customers and store clerks.

The viewers get a sense of how awfully women can be treated shopping around for new music gear. The funny four-minute short hones in the message very well, and hopefully in the future music shops can become more about music and less about being a boys club.

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