Jesswar is one of the hottest rappers currently making moves in the scene at the moment, but no musician is without their allies, so Jesswar has shared three of her favourite artists at the moment.

By now you’ve heard the hip hop triumph that is Jesswar, with irresistible songs like ‘Savage’, which absolutely absorbed our attention from the moment that they came into existence.

And while we love Jesswar, the independent Brisbane-based rapper has some loves of her own, and the three artists she’s obsessed with at the moment all happen to be incredible female rappers who could easily sit on the throne alongside her. We asked Jesswar how exactly she found these amazing up and comers.

“If I’m trying to find female rappers around my area to collaborate with I always search through hash tags and accounts,” she said.

“After a few searches my feed automatically updates me with videos of female rappers generally around my location. Mama duke, BZA and Clariyah Boss are all artists I’ve discovered using Instagram and some of my favourite up and comers.

“I use Instagram to find everything from music to videographers and even fashion brands to collaborate with. It’s a great tool for creative people to find each other.”

Before we explore Jesswar’s faves at the moment, let’s recap your knowledge of the artist by checking out the pure fire that is ‘HEATA’.


Clariyah Boss @therealclariyahboss

Click the video and bear witness. Clariyah Boss spits rhymes like the world is on fire, with an unmistakable talent you would expect to see from seasoned veterans of the game.

It’s no wonder that Jesswar simply loves Clariyah Boss. Her new track, the fittingly titled ‘Boss’, is a braggadocios hit that cements the artists place in the scene.

“Found Clariyah’s music around 2014, she’s definitely one of my faves in the scene right now!”

Mama Duke @mama.duke

Mama Duke is a force to be reckoned with. Jesswar is only just proving more and more that she has her finger on the pulse, as Mama Duke is one of the biggest rising forces in hip hop at the moment. 

And there’s no short of content on her Instagram, with posts coming in each and every day to keep you updated with Mama Duke’s rise to the very top.

“Been a big big fan of Mama Duke for a very long time! I like that she has her hands in everything ! She’s doing big things for her scene in Austin . So much respect!”

BZA @bza_bugeja

Not to be confused with SZA or RZA, BZA is her own type of legend, making waves in the field as a force to take note of.

Full name Brianna Bugeja, BZA has proven her worth throughout her Soundcloud account, and we’re just waiting for her to blow up.

“I vibe hard with her style from clothes to rhymes,” says Jesswar, “I only recently discovered her but she goes in every time.”

Keep an eye out for new Jesswar tunes coming out soon. In the meantime however, you can watch her holding it down for her city in the video below.