The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has weighed in on who he believes to be the greatest lyricist he has ever worked with, and it’s a whitewash for Morrissey.

In a new interview with Stereogum, Johnny Marr proclaimed that the best lyricist he has worked with is Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock, “I’ve seen him write an amazing song, and then make it better, and then make it better again,” he said.

Marr had a brief stint in the Modest Mouse fold from 2006 to 2008, touring with the band and contributing to their 2007 album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.

The Smiths legend noted that he was already a fan of Modest Mouse before he was enlisted to their ranks. “I got a message from management, the record company, that Isaac Brock wanted to give me a call,” Marr recalled. “So Isaac called me up and, being the devil he is, said, ‘Why don’t you come and join my band?’ I was like, ‘Uh, thanks, who is this?’”

Marr said that he and Brock, “had a really long talk,” about linking up.

“I was none the wiser about the guy. If anything, I thought this was more intriguing and peculiar than I’d first imagined. We arranged to have a 10-day experiment,” he continued.  “He said, ‘Why don’t you be involved in producing the album or helping me write it or you join the band.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t know you but I like your music, so I’ll come over and I’ll see what’s up.’”

“A brotherhood happens,” Marr says of the creative collaboration with Modest Mouse. You go in the trenches with people, and you have these intensive days where it means a lot and there’s a lot at stake.

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“I stayed in the band, and I loved being in the band. There was a brotherhood that is there to this day. Probably the best time of my life. Some supernaturally good shows. I liked my role.

“It’s just a thing that happened in my life that I’m eternally grateful for. And Isaac Brock is the greatest lyricist I’ve ever worked with.”

Back in June, Marr acknowledged that he would be open to a reunion with Modest Mouse, after the band said that “the option’s available” for his return. When asked on Twitter whether he’d entertain the idea, Marr replied, “Food for thought. Modest Mouse was the best time of my life. Still a great record, great shows.”

On February 25th, Johnny Marr will release his double album, Fever Dreams Pts 1-4.