20 years on from the release of their fourth album, Issues, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has shared a brief tribute to the record on social media.

On November 16th, 1999, nu-metal icons Korn released their fourth studio album, Issues. Coming just over a year from the release of their major breakthrough, Follow The Leader, the album was a major commercial success for the band, continuing their reputation as hard rock heroes.

With singles like ‘Falling Away From Me’, ‘Make Me Bad’, and ‘Somebody Someone’, the album was a major addition to the Korn catalogue, and even saw them make an appearance on an episode of South Park.

However, behind the scenes, things had been a little difficult for the group. While frontman Jonathan Davis had struggling with addiction for many years, Issues served as the first album which saw him achieve sobriety – a milestone he celebrated on social media recently.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, David shared a brief message to mark the album’s anniversary. “Happy 20th to this record where I fought to stay sober and deal with my anxiety,” he wrote, referencing the demons of his past.

In a 1999 interview, Davis explained how his decision to get sober had made his life far better than it had been previously.

“They got me on Prozac,” he explained to Melody Maker. “I started taking it six months ago. I had to wean myself on it with a child’s dosage and I take it in liquid form because I don’t like pills. It makes me happy and normal.

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“I can handle things now. And I can go out to bars and party. Because I don’t drink, I say I’m always partying. I like hanging out where everybody’s drunk and I just laugh. It’s really, really cool, man. Alcohol’s such a depressant.”

“I wish I could drink,” he revealed when asked if he felt left out. “I remember how it feels. It’s fun. But when I was drunk, I could be myself, I’d lose all inhibitions and a wall would come down.

“Now, by being sober, I can tear down that wall myself. I can do what I want and not be scared. I always feel so fragile. Insecure. And I’ve had enough of that shit.”

To celebrate the record’s anniversary, take a look back at the band’s historic album launch party at New York’s Apollo Theatre, which saw Korn become one of only a few rock bands to perform at the venue.

Check out Korn performing ‘Make Me Bad’:

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