Jonathan Davis sees ghosts. And they’re all in his house.

In a recent interview, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has explained that his band’s new album The Nothing is “really about all the processes of grieving”, which delves into dark subjects that hold his interest in the light of all of the loss he has faced.

Such subjects include an attraction to the paranormal and macabre. Davis has described his house as being full of ghosts and human remains. Yeah, you read that right.

The man is simply obsessed with death, and lured by it to no end. His mother passed away around the same time as his wife Deven Davis, he used to work in a funeral home and he has a frequent obsession with serial killers which is encouraged by his association with TV paranormal investigator Zak Bagans.

“I’ll see things in the corner of my eye in my house,” Davis told the NME. “I’ll just be, like, ‘oh hey’ because at this point they’re there all the time. There’s bangs on my walls all the time. Shit flies off the walls. At this point it doesn’t even scare me, they’re just there. All I wish for them is peace. I wish they could cross over. I was scared when I was a kid.”

The Korn vocalist also talked about the parts of dead bodies he retains in his home. In addition, the musician said he keeps a trove of haunted dolls that necessitated a “spiritual barrier” be erected to protect him.

“I have the remains of at least seven people in my house,” Davis added. “I’ve got shrunken heads. Skulls. I’ve got swords that have been used to decapitate people. I have a huge haunted doll collection.”

He continued, “I’ve got them from all over the world and they’ve all got different stories, which I find fascinating. I get them from antique shops. I like giving them a home! I know a few owners at various places and they’ll normally give me a tip off if they get something in that they think I’ll like. I mean, you can feel shit in these dolls. You get up close and it’s in them. So I take them home and put what I’ve bought with the other dolls. I had a spiritual barrier made with certain stones and sage that fences them off and protects me.”

Korn’s grief-driven The Nothing came out last Friday, Sept. 13. Further affirming in his belief in the otherworld to the NME, Davis explained, “I’ve been seeing ghosts since I was a little fucking child. I believe.”

He also may have said “I have the remains of at least seven people in my house”, but let’s ignore that.

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