Judas Priest rocker Rob Halford is encouraging everyone to “listen to the scientists, not the politicians” when it comes to information about the COVID pandemic.

In an appearance on the All Exce$$ podcast with Danny Zelisko and Tim Richards, Halford dished out some sage advice while talking about the current limitations on international travel and touring.

“We kick off in Reading, Pennsylvania in September. So we’ve got some saving grace as far as now and then,” he said, referencing the international travel restrictions due to COVID,” Halford told the hosts.

“I was just talking to Martin, our production guy, about flights back into the U.S., and I’d like to feel that, hopefully, the corridors between the U.K. and the U.S. are fully open. I think you’ll still have to show proof of vaccination and a test before you get on the plane.

“But you’ll be able to get off the plane because that plane is gonna be the safest place in the world to be.

“Once you get on it, and then you’re safe and then get off and then go back into the world, hopefully, you don’t have to go through the hoops and stuff that you have to right now when you get to either end. But, look, I think that you do what you’ve gotta do.

Halford added: “You listen to the scientists, not the politicians, and we’ve got through this.”

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“Every single one of us has been affected by this pandemic,” he continued.

“Every person on the planet, one way or another, has been affected, and we’ve all had to make the necessary safety changes that we need to make.

“Considering the severity of this pandemic, the way that the scientists worked so effectively and so brilliantly to getting a vaccine so quickly, it’s remarkable.

“It’s absolutely remarkable the way technology has advanced so much and they do a lot of this stuff on computer — DNA and virus, blah blah blah. It’s just a blessing that this vaccine has been able to be created so quickly.”

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