American singer and songwriter Julia Michaels has lashed out at her record label and manager on Twitter for allegedly saying her “album is basically obsolete”.

Michaels has written for ‘Bad Liar’ and ‘Good For You’ for Selena Gomez and ‘Friends’ for Justin Bieber. She’s also written for the likes of Fifth Harmony, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. As well as songwriting, Michaels performs her own songs as a singer.

Yesterday Michaels took to Twitter with a savage tweet towards her management.

My manager told me if a song on my album doesnt have a “streaming story” or perform well on tik tok, that my album is basically obsolete, and if that’s the case, my label won’t put anything behind it.  and I have the personality of a swordfish so,” she tweeted.

When a fan commented back saying “I’m sorry what? I’m so mad right now”, Michaels followed the tweet up with additional information.

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“Unfortunately, this is the case 4 many artists on a lot of major labels. If you don’t already have over 25M followers on social media platforms or have a super outspoken personality to drive it.. your basically in artistry limbo. But I’m grateful to every gem that believes in NICO,” she explained.
When a fan suggested that she change labels, Michaels suggested that this wasn’t possible.
“I’d have to be dropped from my label to do so or fulfill a lifetime of album commitments. It’s not that simple hahaha,” she replied to the fan.

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Listen to Anxiety by Julia Michaels: