Justin Bieber’s pivot from bad boy to outspoken Hillsong nut is one of the most upsetting career trajectory’s I’ve witnessed. I don’t have a problem with Bieber’s embrace of evangelical Christianity, it’s just that it lacks an element of chicness. It’s the kind of religious practice that reminds me of people I went to high school with that share Collective Shout petitions on Facebook campaigning to stop Honey Birdette from using “porn-style” advertising in family-friendly shopping centres.

Hopefully, Bieber is in the midst of a religious rebrand. On Sunday, Justin Bieber made an appearance at Kanye West’s Sunday Service in Los Angeles, where he performed a sumptuous cover of Marvin Sapp’s ‘Never Would Have Made It’. It’s impossibly voguish, check out a clip of the performance below.

Check out Justin Bieber perform ‘Never Would Have Made It’ and Kanye West’s Sunday Service

Bieber released his latest album, Changes, on February 14th. The record topped the Billboard 200 chart — marking it Bieber’s seventh #1. This milestone achievement makes Bieber the youngest solo musician to achieve seven #1 albums, overtaking Elvis Presley.