Kanye West has recently sent out a mass DM to media outlets describing how Adidas is taking advantage of his brand and image without approval.

Kanye West has recently put his message out to various media outlets, including Kurrco on Twitter, detailing how he’s been exploited and used by Adidas. Kanye West is familiar with corporate exploitation, as he described in his song ‘Spaceship’ from The College Dropout, which detailed his experience with tokenism while working for the Gap.

In both instances, the exploitation he faced was the product of capitalism, but Kanye West is a part of the billionaire class now too and even Ye isn’t immune to the seduction of exploiting others for profit. Back in 2019, West broke California labour laws when he classified workers for his Nebuchadnezzar opera as independent contractors instead of employees. In turn, this allowed West to work his team for longer with no overtime and deny them breaks. The workers also claimed that West took months to pay them for their work.

Here is Ye’s statement on Adidas moving forward with the Yeezy brand without his approval:

“Kanye West speaks on Yeezy Day

 “Adidas made up the Yeezy Day idea without my approval””

“adidas made up the Yeezy day idea without my approval then went and brought back older styles without my approval picked colors and named them without my approval went and hired people that worked for me without my approval stole my colorways without my approval stole my styles and material approaches without my approval went and hired a gm of Yeezy without my approval took talent on the production side and sprinkled them throughout adidas originals without my approval Even though they did a Balenciaga collaboration they completely slowed down production on the shoes me and Demna developed for Gap by trying to bully Gap even though my contract states I can do casual shoes which I was doing when I did fashion shows When I originally ordered adidas to make more Yeezy slides the GM lied to my face and said they didn’t have the capacity meanwhile adidas was copying my slides and making their own version of the Yeezy slide Yeezy is 68% of adidas on line sales God step in”

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