For the third and final Donda listening event, Kanye West rebuilt his childhood home inside of Soldier Stadium.

The whole event was a huge ode to Chicago – the city where West had grown up as a young boy with his mother, Donda.

Now according to new reports, Kanye West apparently wanted to actually relocate his real childhood home to the stadium, meaning that building a replica was a second resort.

As per NMEthis Chicago’s Building Department revealed that they actually had denied West’s wishes to relocate the house.

In the Chicago Sun-Times, a representative from Chicago’s Buildings Department revealed that West’s request was denied due to a number of reasons, particularly due to there being a lack of paperwork.

They said, “Moving a home in Chicago is a very technical process that requires structural engineer reports and multiple city permits.”

“The request to move the house at 7815 S. South Shore Dr. was denied last week because no permit application had been received to excavate and move the vacant property which is also in Demolition Court.”

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What’s more is that a report from last year has confirmed that West purchased his childhood home for $225,000 USD, however it now seems that there is talks the house may be demolished.

While West was not able to have his childhood home moved into the stadium, he commissioned a pretty damn accurate replica.

There was a lot to unpack from West’s third and final Donda listening party, but if anything’s clear it’s that it was the perfect storm to see the conclusion of his listening party trilogy.

The rapper invited friends, the good and the controversial, as well as setting himself alight to symbolise rebirth, all culminating with marrying a woman in a white veil.

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