Kanye West has played his new album Jesus Is King for a private theatre crowd in Chicago, also revealing how he was “lost” in the past by calling himself “Yeezus”, and will now focus on gospel music.

The artist has recently been performing Sunday Services, and at his Chicago show, revealed his new foray into gospel.

One fan who attended the private Chicago show took to Reddit to reveal some moments of Kanye West revealing his new direction, writing:

“Yo yo – some thoughts on the experience.

Opened up with a small hype up from Saint which was adorable.

Ye came out, started with a prayer and introduced his architectural documentary which was super cool. Then he jumped right into playing the album.

…Use This Gospel is one of Ye’s best songs. The crowd dug Selah so much that he ran it back. Of the 10 he played I think 8 sounded top tier, so definitely a return to form.

Before the last song was played, Kanye shared some thoughts about how he was lost earlier this decade (calling himself Yeezus and calling The Life of Pablo a gospel album) and how the mental illness he had took him to the hospital. Called out some over-eager people in the crowd who were randomly yelling, because he was trying to share his testimony. North interrupted to tell him that “shut up” is a bad word. Overall, got the sense that he’s at peace now with his mission to spread faith in Jesus and God.

He ended by showing us the entirety of his documentary about JIK, which featured some dope gospel renditions of some of his songs like ‘Say You Will’ and ‘Lost in the World’, as well as a soulful Kanye-sung rendition of ‘Street Lights’ that you really have to experience in a theatre.

All in all, Fire album, Ye is back and a solid redemptive arc to an up and down decade.

Another fan who was in attendance took to Twitter to give us revelations on the album.

Andrew Barber also mentioned that Kanye referred to his previous music as “secular music”, and announced that he will not be continuing that anymore, with a new focus on gospel from here on out.