Tom Brady recently commented on Kanye West’s Instagram post about venture capitalists which prompted Ye to go on a Pete Davidson rant.

NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, recently commented on Kanye West’s Instagram post about venture capitalists Andreessen Horowitz and Cyrus. The reason for the comment was likely due to Brady’s commercial tie with Andreessen Horowitz, which led the initial fundraising round for Brady’s NFT platform Autograph.

Kanye saw Tom’s comment and made another post, ranting about how Brady must hate Pete Davidson and got in a shot at Kid Cudi as well.

“The only VC I like and Cyrus”

“Andreessen Horowitz”

“Tom Brady in the comments it’s up He must hate Skete tooooo Leave him aloooooone Hi North I’m Skete Look at my Tattooooos I’m a pawn sent here to antagonize your dad in hopes that he’ll do something illegal so we can take him out of your life Of hi Saint Look at my tattoo I tatted your name on my body I also have a Kid Cudi tattoo but nobody knows who he is I was like He worked at the Bape store selling Daniel Cherry hats to tourist”

Kanye has been on a social media tirade as of late, calling out Adidas and its board of directors for allegedly trying to cut him out of the decision-making process.

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“The adidas board had instagram remove their post off my page and they left Daniel Cherry Pop up there They were using this black man to try to oversea the Pharrell project my project along with other projects that I will not mention out of respect”

“God bless everyone Instagram please don’t take down this post I’m simply and kindly bringing light to the fact that Jing Ulrich is on the board of adidas and JP Morgan Chase : ) There’s nooooo reason this post should get flagged”

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