Kanye West’s plans to go from The College Dropout to college professor have been swiftly knocked back, after first announcing his intention to teach art in Chicago on social media.

Kanye West is a pretty big deal by now. He’s had himself a pretty successful music career, branched out into TVflirted with controversy at every turn, and even served as the creative director of the first ever Pornhub awards. Needless to say, the man has many fingers in many pies.

With so many various projects behind him, Kanye’s dedicated fans were hardly surprised to learn recently that the rapper apparently has plans to become an art professor soon.

Yesterday afternoon, Kanye West took to Twitter to let his legions of followers know that he intends to become an art teacher in the near future. In a brief, and self-assured Tweet, the hip-hop icon simply stated “I will teach a course at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art.”

This Tweets were also accompanied by other statements referencing the rapper’s hometown of Chicago. “We’re putting a Yeezy office in Chicago,” he wrote. “We’re doing Chicago Comedy Jam. We’re going to restore the Regal Theatre.”

However, if you had plans to drop out of uni and start the enrolment process for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, you might want to think twice, because the rapper’s plans have already been shot down.

As The Chicago Tribune notes, Kanye West’s art school of choice released a statement maintaining that the hip-hop icon would not be teaching at the school in the forseeable future.

“We’re flattered that Mr. West would have an interest in teaching emerging artists and designers at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,” explained Bree Witt, the school’s public relations director.

“However, Mr. West is not currently teaching at SAIC, and at this time, there are no plans for him to do so.”

While the fact that the School of the Art Institute of Chicago specifically noted there are “no plans” “at this time”, there’s nothing to say that a bunch of lucky art-hungry college students won’t be hearing Kanye discuss art at a scholarly level somewhere down the line.

In related news, Kanye West’s recent Twitter spree also saw him announce that a sequel to 2011’s Hold The Throne was on the way.

While we’re yet to hear if Jay-Z and Kanye West are indeed friends again, the fact that he was knocked back in regards to his teaching career do make us wonder if Hold The Throne 2 is actually on the way or not.

Check out Kanye West’s ‘School Spirit’:

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