Pete Davidson, watch your back: Kanye West sounds like he wants to get the Kimye gang back together again. 

During a visit to Skid Row, the hip hop mogul now known as Ye spoke to the crowd and reflected on his fractured relationship with Kim Kardashian. He admitted that his behaviour had often been unacceptable, although he also revealed he remained hopeful that he could repair their relationship in the future.

“The narrative that God wants is for you to see that everything can be redeemed,” he said, as per Page Six. “In all these relationships, we’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve publicly done things that were not acceptable as a husband. But right now today, for whatever reason — I didn’t know I was going to be standing right here.

I didn’t know I was going to be in front of this mic, but I’m here to change that narrative. I’m not letting E! write the narrative of my family. I’m not letting Hulu write the narrative of my family … I am the priest of my home.”

While Ye still sees his family as much as he can, he told the crowd his ideal situation would see him “back home” with his four kids and estranged wife. He stated that he believes God can provide this for him.

“If the enemy can separate Kimye, there’s going to be millions of families that feel like that separation is OK …,” he continued. “… (But) when God —who has already won and is so — brings Kimye together, there’s gonna be millions of families that are going to be influenced and see they can overcome the work of the separation, of trauma the devil has used to capitalize to keep people in misery while people step over homeless people to go to the Gucci store.”

Kanye might have a fight on his hands because Kim has looked pretty pleased in public with Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson recently. They haven’t officially confirmed their relationship but their numerous high-profile dates and Pete’s huge hickey say otherwise.

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