Kanye West has claimed the Balenciaga scandal is proof that celebrities in Hollywood are being “controlled” in an unprompted rant to paparazzi. 

TMZ reported that Ye was leaving a Messianic church on Saturday when he was approached by a group of paps and, without prompting, began speaking about the Balenciaga scandal and his own antisemitism scandal.

“We saw Adidas freeze my accounts; we saw me get de-banked… if that can happen to someone like me, what’s happening to all of America?” Ye said. “They tried to destroy me in press, they tried to destroy all of my businesses at the same time, and the world saw it and no one’s saying anything.”

Referring to the wildly controversial Balenciaga campaign, which featured little girls holding BDSM-themed teddy bears and contained court documents referencing child pornography as part of the set, Ye claimed a lack of celebrities commenting on the situation proved they are being muzzled.

His ex-wife Kim Kardashian is an ambassador for the brand, who severed their own ties with the rapper last month.

“You don’t see no celebrities talking about the Balenciaga situation,” Ye said. “So that just shows you all of these celebrities out here, don’t let them influence you in any way, because they’re controlled by the people who really influence the world.”

He then segued into a rant about Christianity. “All these people, they’re not serving God,” he said. “If they serve God then believe what they’re talking about.”

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Ye claimed, was a God-fearing Christian, and Elon Musk should reverse his Twitter ban.

“Another issue I have is that Elon won’t reinstate Alex Jones,” he said before echoing sentiments of his new friend (and extreme right-wing personality) Nick Fuentes, who often calls for America to get back to its Christian roots – usually coupled with white nationalism.

Ye was filmed walking through Miami Airport with Fuentes last week, on his way to a dinner attended by Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, which Trump later came under fire for.

He has begun promoting another run for the White House, sporting “YE24” clothing at every opportunity – including the church doorstep interview.

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