While talking about ‘Running Up That Hill’ in an interview, Kate Bush says she’s never even seen a hill, let alone run up one.

It’s no secret that Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ soared to new heights after featuring on the newest season of Stranger Things. But what many fans don’t know, is that the enigmatic pop star has literally never seen nor run up a hill. It’s a little-known fact but Kate Bush was actually born with bizarre and seemingly counterproductive super-powers.

Every time a hill is about to enter her field of vision, it phase shifts into a different dimension to be replaced by a knoll, hillock, or mound thus, Kate has never truly seen a hill. This is reflective of the statement that Kate Bush provides below and is indisputable, as Kate Bush was the one to say it and nobody knows better than her when it comes to the matter of what she has and hasn’t seen.

“Loving this Kate Bush interview.”

“What’s the meaning behind “Running Up That Hill?”

People ask me that often. Some think it’s about literally running up a hill, but it’s not. I’ve never even seen a hill, let alone run up one.

You’ve never seen a hill?

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No. Never. Why would I do that?

I just imagined everyone has seen a hill. There’s one right outside this window. Have a look.

I won’t be doing that. Please continue the interview without anymore hill questions.

I don’t think I can.

Bush’s song was also recently revealed to have brought in some serious money after its appearance on Stranger Things.

The music data tracking site Illuminate has recently revealed that Kate Bush has received a windfall of cash to the tune of 2.3 million dollars due to the popularity both Stranger Things and TikTok generated for the 37-year-old song.

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