Kendrick Lamar has changed his Spotify profile picture for the first time since last October when six leaked songs came out.

Back in October 2021, Kendrick Lamar changed his profile picture on Spotify right before six snippets of his new songs were leaked. This led many fans to believe that long-awaited new music was finally on the way from the Compton artist. People who enjoy K-Dot’s work have been anticipating 2017’s DAMN for years and their hype was further fueled when Kendrick announced his next album would be his final with TDE.

Unfortunately, Kendrick’s departure means we most likely won’t get a Black Hippy album.

Back in October, the speculation was further fueled by Kungfu Kenny’s actions of registering a batch of new songs with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). Here are the names of all the tracks listed:

‘Before The Hangman’s Noose’



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‘Fighter Theif In The Night’

‘Fade to Black’

‘Erika Kane’

‘End Of The Line’

‘Of Paupers And Poets’


‘Driving Down The Darkness’

‘End Of The Line’

‘Fell For You’

Today, February 24th, Kendrick has once again changed his Spotify profile picture. Along with this recurring event, comes the fan’s recurring speculation. Many Kendrick fans were quick to speculate on his upcoming album and are seemingly chomping at the bit for any new music, especially the possibility of a new album.

Going on almost 5 years since the release of Lamar’s last studio album DAMN fans are beginning to look at everything as a sign that a music release is just around the corner. With Kendrick’s appearance in the SuperBowl LVI halftime show alongside a host of other great rap artists, his registration of songs to ASCAP, and the multiple changes to his Spotify PFP, it does seem like Kendrick is ready to do something.

If fans are right, it could mean a new album.

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