In an interview with Loudwire, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett revealed that he’d been wanting to get into soundtracks for a while now.

While Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ has taken over the world thanks to the massive popularity of Stranger Things, Kirk Hammett now wants to do the featuring rather than be featured. In an interview with Loudwire, the Metallica guitarist expressed that he wants to get into scoring movies. He’s just waiting for the call.

To be fair, this is the first time he’s properly expressed the desire to do so.

“I never had any doubt that I could do it. I just never got around to putting it out there that I’d be interested. But I think, you know, rather than announce, ‘Okay, I’m ready to do soundtracks,’ I’m going to let them figure out whether or not they want to work with me.” Hammett told Loudwire. 

When pressed for what movie genres he would prefer to work on, Hammett couldn’t help but let slip the horror fan in him.

“We’re now going through the second golden era of horror. There’s so much great horror stuff out there — books, comics, toys, films, series. It’s so great. People are really pushing the boundaries.” he said.

Hammett also dove into the different ages horror has been through – whether it was ol’ school eighties (‘one big regurgitation of all the friggin’ themes’), or the zombie era (‘It was just everything zombie. And I was so tired.’), or the advent of creepy children (‘oh no, another creepy kid movie’).

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When asked what genre of horror he does like, Hammett was quick to pick a favourite: “Now, you have this whole folk horror genre. It’s a genre that was never really fully explored, and people are exploring it now. And the consequence is that you have some amazing films coming out, it’s so great. Midsommar is just like folklore, you know? It’s one of the best horror movies to come out in a while.”

Is this the right time to manifest a horror movie soundtrack by Kirk Hammett? While one wouldn’t put Stranger Things in the horror category per se, we’ve already seen what a Metallica song can do in the right context!

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Check out Metallica dueting ‘Master of Puppets’ from Stranger Things: 

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