In an extremely unlikely pairing, KISS frontman Paul Stanley has taken time out of his busy day to fangirl over Billie Eilish during an appearance on Inside With Paulo Baron.

Stanley has revealed that – much like the rest of the world – he thinks the 19-year-old pop star’s music is “great”.

“’ll tell you, Billy Eilish, I mean, that’s great music. Look, when people go, ‘I only listen to one kind of music,’ that’s like saying, ‘I only eat hamburgers,’” he shared during the interview.

“It’s like ‘Really? You only eat hamburgers? Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner and dessert, hamburgers?’ So I never understood that, that mentality.

“The more you love variety, the more exciting things are. So, Billy Eilish is great.”

And, Eilish isn’t the only mainstream artist Stanely is frothing on.

“The Foo Fighters aren’t new, they’ve been doing this forever now, but Post Malone is great, what Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars are doing is great…”

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“On the other hand, what Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen are doing is fabulous, it’s just so great, but again, it goes back to all kinds of music. “I’m not interested in denying myself different kinds of music. There’s so much great music out there.”

Haters will, of course, say that most pop stars lack real vocal skills and rely on technology to create their sound. While Stanley doesn’t disagree with this sentiment, he actually doesn’t care if it’s the case.

“And some of it is being made today using technology that I’m not using, but I don’t really care. If it feels good and if it sounds good, it’s good. There’s a lot of music that yeah, I think is great. Hard for me to sit here and list it, but there’s loads of great music out there, it’s all out there,” he shared.

However, Stanley has said that while he doesn’t mind if singers or bands are using technology to alter their sound, he prefers passion-fuelled music.

“When I went to shows, there were bands that you wouldn’t expect, but it all made for an exciting evening, and all of that music to one extent or another influenced me.

“I think that what I did was, again, not that different than let’s say Silk Sonic with Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars, that’s as retro as you can get. ‘Uptown Funk,’ come on, that can be one of the so many bands.

“So I have nothing against music that may be made with machines or computers, but you know, I prefer music that’s made by people and passion.

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Watch ‘Your Power’ by Billie Eilish:

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