It’s all good, Bruno Mars is here to diffuse the 2021 Grammy Awards conflict.

This year has been a largely eventful one – at least not for the right reasons. So maybe that’s why the snubs for the 2021 Grammys this year have been so entertaining.

Since the announcement of the nominees, controversial calls from artists have just kept on rolling in.

So far, The Weeknd has demanded the most attention, where he came directly at the critics of the Grammys, with his tweet demanding for accountability. Nicki Minaj also tweeted, sounding kind of salty about the whole thing.

On the other side of the coin, there are some artists who’ve taken the Grammys’ announcement as an opportunity to troll the institution… and themselves at the same time.

For example, The Killers channelled their inner Trump to make light of the fact that they didn’t receive any nominations this year, despite releasing ‘Imploding The Mirage’.

But, we have to bring your attention over to Bruno Mars who has had arguably the best take on this whole 2021 Grammys snubs thing. And it has something to do with being unbothered.

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He took to Instagram to share a photo of himself – looking like he’s doing the Zac Efron pointing finger meme, along with the caption, “If you don’t release music, you can’t lose any Grammys. #ThinkAboutIt“.

No new music, no worries? Mars hasn’t actually released any new music for the whole of this year, with his last major music mark on the world being, ‘Finesse’ featuring Cardi B.

Not only has he been holding back on the music front, he’s also remained pretty low key across social media.

We all know how capable Mars is of bringing pure bops into the world. Hopefully he does it again soon. Or maybe he’ll just keep trolling the industry on Instagram.