Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has revealed that he is not exactly a fan of performing encores at the end of gigs. 

Speaking on the Bringin’ it Backwards podcast (via Blabbermouth), Welch declared that the common practice of playing an encore is “so cheesy”.

“[Korn] never have been an encore band, man. We would debate about it, saying, ‘It’s so cheesy, man. It’s so cheesy. They want it so bad, but…’ We don’t do encores. We would tell people in the press, ‘We don’t do encores. We give it our all, and then we’re done.’ And then fans started getting mad, especially fans in different countries. They’re, like, ‘It’s disrespectful if you don’t come back out.’ So we had to do it,” he said.

“To this day, we don’t really love it. ‘Cause everybody expects it, and they don’t really cheer for it now. They’re just, like, ‘Okay.’ … It’s, like, you wanna be done, and then the crowd to demand you back out with applause. That’s what the encores were meant for. But that’s all gone to shit now.”

In other news, Welch’s side project Love and Death released new album Perfectly Preserved last week after an eight-year hiatus.

In a statement about the album back in November, Welch said that it focuses on “real stories about overcoming struggle.”

“I feel like what our world needs most in this very unique moment in time are real stories about overcoming struggle,” he said.

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“These are honest songs co-written by our group of friends targeting depression/mental health, challenging relationships, trauma, loneliness, and related issues.”

Check out Brian “Head” Welch discussing not enjoying performing encores with Korn on the Bringin’ it Backwards podcast: