Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is the co-founder of wellness company Zivel. The Zivel website also describes Welch as executive vice-president of global branding.

Welch founded Zivel with physical therapist and rehabilitation expert Dr. Matt O’Neill. The pair met in 2017 when O’Neill was touring as Korn’s physical therapist. They connected over a desire to improve overall health and free people from pain and suffering.

Zivel co-founder Dr Matt O’Neill

Zivel has now opened wellness centres in Welch’s home town of Bakersfield, California as well as Melbourne, Florida and Spring Hill, Tennessee. Five further locations are planned around the US, including in Texas, Georgia, Arizona and Washington State.

What’s on offer in these suites? Flotation therapy, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, and oxygen bar.

Welch’s transformative journey has been widely publicised. He co-founded Korn in Bakersfield in the early 1990s. They achieved global fame and success in the latter half of the decade, becoming one of the faces of the booming nu metal sub-genre.

A whole lot of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll followed, with the band members engaging in the sort of excess fostered by the corporate-funded music industry of the late ’90s.

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Welch stayed with Korn until their sixth album, 2003’s Take A Look In the Mirror. His exit from the band was officially announced in early 2005. The reason given for his departure from the enormously successful outfit?

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“Korn has parted ways with guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch, who has chosen Jesus Christ as his saviour, and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end,” the band said in a statement.

“I found my way out and I want to help anyone that wants to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Welch told Bakersfield radio station KRAB. He had a stab at a born again Christian solo project, but ended up rejoining Korn in 2013. With Zivel, it looks like Welch has finally found a way to dish out help.

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