Kylie Minogue really kicked off the turn of the century way back in 2000 when she writhed around in a pair of skin tight gold hot pants in the music video for ‘Spinning Around’.

Over two decades later, the iconic scenes are still burnt into many Aussie’s brains and the impact of Kylie’s eye-catching hot pants has since been celebrated by posting them up in a Melbourne museum.

“They belong to a museum, a performing arts museum in Melbourne, Australia,” Kylie explained.

Kylie, who also starred as Charlene Robinson on Aussie soap ‘Neighbours’, revealed that the museum has quite the collection of her notorious belongings.

“As do Charlene’s overalls, which I probably never owned in the first place – they were a souvenir that I took from ‘Neighbours’,” the singer continued.

“So they’ve got the overalls, the gold hot pants, the showgirl thing, the ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ jumpsuit … yeah, I donated pretty much everything to them in bulk in 2005. Ever since then, they’ve got some bits and pieces.”

However, the Aussie museum doesn’t have the monopoly on Kylie’s showbiz clothes – a number of her belongings are on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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“The Victoria and Albert Museum have a … my dressing room, basically, from 2006,” she told Headliners in a previous interview.

“So, I went in there in 2019 and had a little snoop down where my dressing room is and I said to my boyfriend, ‘There’s those shoes – I’ve been wondering where those shoes were!'”

Just last year, Kylie rocked out in another show-stopping metallic number while performing her single ‘Say Something’ live for the first time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The performance matched the theme of the ‘Say Something’ music video which also included plenty of sparkles, an interstellar backdrop and a giant platinum horse that she sang on top of.

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Watch ‘Spinning Around’ by Kylie Minogue: