In heartwarming news, a Lamb of God fan got married over the weekend, and walked down the aisle to the band’s 2004 Ashes of the Wake track ‘Remorse Is for the Dead.’

As Loudwire reports, the bride, Amanda Lowther, is a staunch disciple of the chapel of Lamb of God. Lowther named her sun Adler after guitarist Willie Adler and former drummer Chris Adler.

I think we can all universally agree to leave ‘Wedding March’ in the past — when did Shakespearean love stories ever end on a positive note anyway?

Lowther took to social media to share footage of her and Adler walking down the aisle at the ceremony.

“Hi @lambofgod @MarkDuaneMorton I got married this last weekend and the intro to Remorse is for the dead was my aisle song,” Lowther tweeted. “My son who walked with me is named Adler (please show Willie!) Thanks for being part of our day.”

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton retweeted the video, congratulating the couple.

“Congratulations Amanda! You look beautiful! Young Adler looks like he’s doing a fine job,” he wrote. “Honored we could be a part of the joy.”

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Heartwarming stuff.

Mark Morton has been outspoken about political issues and coronavirus in the lead up to the US election, last month he went after anti-maskers. 

Following recent comments where he claimed that Trump supporters would stand behind the current President “no matter what,” Mark Morton has slammed anti-maskers for partaking in protests against mask-wearing.

The Lamb Of God member retweeted a video of a group of young anti-maskers protesting through a South Florida Target without face coverings, calling them out for their disregard for the elderly and those most at-risk.

“When someone doesn’t wear a mask indoors in public, it says NOTHING to me about them exercising their freedom or liberty,” he wrote.

Check out ‘Remorse Is for the Dead’ by Lamb of God:

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