Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton continues to be outspoken about political issues and coronavirus in the lead up to the US election, and now he’s gone after anti-maskers.

Following recent comments where he claimed that Trump supporters would stand behind the current President “no matter what,” Mark Morton has slammed anti-maskers for partaking in protests against mask-wearing.

The Lamb Of God member retweeted a video of a group of young anti-maskers protesting through a South Florida Target without face coverings, calling them out for their disregard for the elderly and those most at-risk.

“When someone doesn’t wear a mask indoors in public, it says NOTHING to me about them exercising their freedom or liberty,” he wrote.

“What it says to me is that you give ZERO fucks about me having to consider whether I might asymptomatically pass Covid to my 78 yr old cancer surviving mother.”

As previously mentioned, Morton has been super vocal on social media in the lead up to the US election, and he’s clearly been copping the standard “stick to music” response from plenty of Trump supports and Republicans.

Following his anti-masker rant, he tweeted “Shut up and play guitar!”, a message he must be receiving frequently.

In good news for fans of Lamb Of God and Morton, it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop his rants or hitting out at Trump any time soon.

He followed that tweet by penning another, laughing about how funny and possibly more successful the band would be if they just fell in line with right-wing thinking.

“Imagine how much more successful Lamb Of God would be if we rode with all that “‘Murica or else!” rah rah rah bullshit & put out albums called “Stand Your Ground” & “One In The Chamber” & shit like that,” he wrote.

Check out ‘Memento Mori’ by Lamb Of God:

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