Hi there. Remember those heady times, when Donald Trump first got elected and everybody went absolutely batshit?

Americans were swearing they would all defect to other countries. The media scrambled as something happened that they had not predicted rolled out very smoothly, with a (possibly) sociopathic reality TV mogul and his sello-taped neck tie snapping down whatever microphone was pushed in front of him. He ranted and raved, equal parts xenophobic monster and rabid Big Mac Monster Muppet.

A lot of people were reeling, but especially women. Trump ranted and raved about killing Planned Parenthood and redefining rape. Tapes had surfaced during his campaign where he’s hawed horrific things about our ‘pussies.’ Hurt and angry, about 5.2 million people attended Women’s Marches across the USA.

Celebrities were posting extreme reactions and tweeting weird things, like videos of them crying.

  Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton acquiesce

I get it – it was a weird, horrific, sad time.

Lana Del Rey is no wilting flower and took things into her own magical hands. Oft mocked, I like to think of witchcraft as the purview of the oppressed. A complicated and ancient wisdom, the path to power is usually one found by individuals who find themselves powerless. Lana is the poster girl for people ruled by their feelings, so why not become the champion of those reeling and weeping at this time of political confusion and frustration?

Lana’s (since deleted) tweet calling to hex Trump

The tweet may have been deleted, but her words live on. When quizzed by NME, Lana said, ‘Yeah, I did it,’ she replied. ‘Why not? Look, I do a lot of shit.’

The ingredients for the spell included an unflattering photo of Trump (oh my goodness where will be possibly find one of those?!) a white candle, water, salt, and a feather. I feel like this should also involve a pentagram? Without the pentagram it’s a bit like stuff you would use to decorate a guest bathroom? I’ve seen The Craft. Up to you though, witches.

As Lana says, “Your thoughts are very powerful things and they become words, and words become actions, and actions lead to physical changes.”

These sacred spell dates are intended to fall on the Waxing Gibbous moon, which basically just means before the full moon. And remember it’s a ‘mass hexing’ so don’t hex alone. Get a friend involved.

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