Lana Del Rey has been granted a temporary restraining order against a woman who allegedly thinks that she’s Del Rey’s ‘muse’ and believes the singer communicates with her via song and/or dream.

Paperwork obtained by TMZ details that the woman’s name is Janeen Lee Stratton, that she goes by the nick name of “America” and says that she’s shown up to Del Rey’s house on three separate occasions.

The publication also obtained copies of text messages between Stratton and members of Del Rey’s team. The messages show Stratton repeatedly texting one of Del Rey’s staff requesting to meet the singer in person. When the staff member eventually replied, Stratton allegedly says that she’s driven “700 miles” and “sat” on a “doorstep” in order to get someone related to Del Rey to talk to her. She also said that she wants “to make a scene”.

Text messages gained by TMZ regarding a restraining order from Lana Del Rey
Text messages obtained by TMZ
Text messages obtained by TMZ regarding a restraining order from Lana Del Rey 2
Text messages obtained by TMZ

As well as the above, screenshots from the text conversation show Stratton threatening the recipient, saying: “You don’t know who I am, but I guarantee you will soon.” There are many more screenshots that were published on TMZ, including three consecutive texts that sound distinctly ominous.

“I have loved her for lifetimes. No fear mate in the face of true love. “It’s like smiling when the fire squad is against you”,” the first reads.

“My next plan is to write my own music for her, hope to get popular enough to reach her, because that’s what she’s done for me here, now.

“If it took 20 years, she’s worth every second of it. However, I don’t want to keep her waiting longer than I have to,” they continue.

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Del Rey’s attorneys allege that Stratton tracked the singer down and jumped her fence. They also said that Stratton had a couple of pocket knives on her.

The ‘Blue Jeans’ singer was reportedly granted her request for a temporary restraining order, which states that Stratton must stay away from Del Rey, both physically and in all forms of communications. A hearing  for a permanent restraining order is scheduled for later this month.

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