ONEUS members Leedo and Xion will be stepping back from the group’s activities due to health issues, RBW has announced.

ONEUS members Leedo and Xion will be taking a hiatus from all group activities due to health reasons, their agency RBW confirmed in a statement.

“Leedo was diagnosed with skin inflammation on the soles of his feet and was advised to be careful with his daily activities for about a week starting from the date it occurred.” The statement read. While Leedo was well enough to participate and perform in a fan signing event, the agency clarified that concerns about his recovery prompted him to take a week off. 

“In fear of possible delays with his recovery, he will be taking a week off. We are constantly checking Leedo’s condition, and he’s also working hard to receive treatment,” RBW said. 

Xion, however, may be out of commission for longer. 

“As forXion, he slightly strained his knee while coming down the stairs and is currently wearing a knee brace. Xion also expressed his intention to proceed with the performance, but on January 5, a medical professional advised him to take it easy for one to two weeks, so he is going to be taking a break for a while so that he won’t strain himself.” The agency said. 

News of Leedo and Xion’s hiatus comes only a day after the band announced a 14-city-wide US tour, titled ‘Blood Moon’ and slated for later in 2022. Specific dates for the tour, however, have not been revealed as of yet. 

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