Having previously used his characteristic YouTube-friendly larrikin humour to take on sniffer dogs, Australian comedian Friendlyjordies has just laid the smack-down on Sydney’s controversial lockout laws.

The lockout laws have been making headlines again in recent weeks after NSW Premier Mike Baird issued a highly publicised Facebook post in which he used faulty data to justify the laws’ devastating impact on Sydney’s nightlife.

After insisting that there are far more pertinent reasons to hate Mike Baird, Friendlyjordies breaks down the Premier’s controversial Facebook post, starting with the claim that violence in the CBD has fallen by 42 percent since the lockouts.

“Not only is that statistic completely fabricated, but the number of people out has dropped by almost 60 percent,” he responds. “Just to break even — by your own rosy figures — assaults had to go down 57 percent and they didn’t.”

What does this mean for those of you who flunked out of maths methods? “You’ve statistically increased the chance of being assaulted at night by 15 percent. If you’re going to boast about misleading data to an extent that absurd, at least make it about something that’s actually impressive.”

After taking on some more of Baird’s BS, the comedian then asks what everyone in Sydney is thinking: just why the hell are casinos — including The Star, a.k.a. Sydney’s most violent venue — exempt from the lockouts? Check out the clip below.

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