Lil Pump is again in hot water, this time with Portishead’s Geoff Barrow who has accused him of using an unauthorised sample on a “deeply fucking sexist song”.

Near the end of last week, controversial US rapper Lil Pump released his latest track, ‘Racks On Racks’. The new single from his upcoming album, Harverd Dropout (the irony appears to be intentional), the tune has already clocked up close to nine million views on YouTube.

Lyrically though, ‘Racks On Racks’ is everything we’d expect from a Lil Pump track, complete with liberal use of the phrase “esskeetit”, ridiculous (and unsubstantiated) claims, and rampant sexism throughout.

However, one of the more offended individuals out there happens to be none other than Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, who has taken issue with both the lyrics and the music.

Back in 2018, Geoff Barrow teamed up with Ben Salisbury to compose the score for the Alex Garland-directed film, Annihilation. While the soundtrack was a rather immersive affair, Barrow claims that Lil Pump unceremoniously lifted parts of ‘The Alien’ for the verses of ‘Racks On Racks’.

Check out Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury’s ‘The Alien’:

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Taking to Twitter yesterday, Geoff Barrow delivered a scathing attack on the young rapper, explaining how furious he was that his track was used without permission on such a “deeply fucking sexist song”.

“Who is lill Pump? He’s used Mine and [Ben Salisbury’s] Annihilation score in his deeply fucking sexist song,” Barrow explained. “Just so you know we didn’t give clearance. As 2 fathers of daughters this shit needs to seriously fuck off.”

As Barrow continued, he mentioned he had been through a similar thing in the past when The Weeknd used parts of Portishead’s ‘Machine Gun’ without permission for 2013’s ‘Belong To The World’.

“There ain’t no royalties to win here I’ve done this dance before,” Barrow noted. “But if we had our own way he’d be forced to donate all money to woman’s refuge charities.”

“How can this shit exist in the same world as the #metoo movement and it doesn’t get called out? Utter bullshit.”

Check out Geoff Barrow’s Tweets:

In a statement later given to Pitchfork, Geoff Barrow noted that his decision to call out Lil Pump isn’t motivated by chasing royalties, but rather a desire to stamp out the behaviour glorified by ‘Racks On Racks’.

“We don’t expect any royalties and copyright infringement is not our issue,” Barrow explained. “We want people to know that in no way have we granted the use of our music to be used on a track that is So terribly degrading to young woman.”

“As fathers & firm supporters of the Me too movement We are amazed how tracks like this are not called out by the media for this reason.”

“I know people will try and Call us out as old fuckers and the music ain’t for us and they would be right but misogamy is still Bullshit what ever age you are.”

Lil Pump has not responded to Geoff Barrow’s comments.

Check out Lil Pump’s divisive song, ‘Racks On Racks’:

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