Lime Cordiale, Alex Dyson, Jack River, Laura Wells, Briony Benjamin and more have thrown their support behind It Takes 3, an initiative started to raise awareness around climate change.

The social media campaign, It Takes 3, invites artists, creatives, cultural influencers, musicians and passionate community members to highlight the choice that voters have beyond the major parties. They’re working to raise awareness that if just three more climate-focused independents, it could have a huge impact on climate change.

Lime Cordiale have contributed a video of them singing a song and spoken message about the campaign on its official Instagram account.

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“How not to fuck up the environment in a few easy steps” they begin the song.

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One half of the group, Oli Leimbach then addresses the camera. “If you don’t enjoy killing entire planets and stuff, you might enjoy doing some of the things that we do. Like recycling, solar, having cold showers,” Oli says.

“Or no showers at all, I’m doing dry 2022,” bandmate and brother Louise Leimbach adds.

“All that small stuff’s pretty easy, but where we can make the big difference, is politics,” Oli continues. “Which is a shame, because that’s where I feel like a dummy and stuff things up.

“The good news is, we don’t need to be political experts. We just need to do two things. One, don’t draw cartoon genitals on your ballot paper. And, two, if we vote in just three independents with a strong platform on climate change, we can sway government decisions, and that’s a game changer.”

To find more about It Takes 3 head to their website here.

How you can support the social media campaign:

  • Visit the IT TAKES 3 website and use the postcode tracker to find your local independent candidate.
  • Take a picture of yourself with 3 fingers.
  • Share why you’re voting independent this election across your platforms.
  • Spread the message and encourage others to do the same.

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