What can we expect from Megan Washington’s full length follow-up to 2010’s I Believe You, Liar? With ‘Who Are You‘, ‘Limitless‘ and now ‘My Heart Is A Wheel’ unveiled ahead of its September 12th release the singer sounds like she’s made a few slight adjustments to her jazz-infused pop debut.

Sure, the cuts we’ve heard from There There run in a similar pop vein to her debut, but they’re undeniably far sleeker and more fully realised than what we’ve heard from Washington before. Case in point ‘My Heart Is A Wheel’ has that same boppy consistency as ‘Rich Kids’, but it’s rounded out with electronic synth flashes rather than being overly reliant on keys like the latter is.

If ‘My Heart Is A Wheel’, along with the two other singles we’ve already heard from There There, typifies the growth Washington has achieved over the past four years than it sounds like fans will be in for a treat come September. It’s no wonder this release made it into our recent list of the 25 forthcoming local releases that we’re excited about.