You might remember how back in September American musical duo The Chainsmokers didn’t surprise anyone with a ridiculously self-indulgent interview in which they talked about partying, the importance of pussy, and the combined length of their genitals. Well, if that wasn’t enough reason to dislike them, they’ve only gone and released an album which critics are saying is, well, the polite phrase to use is ‘awful’.

The duo’s debut record, which seems to warn you to stay away with its title, is called Memories…Do Not Open, and since it was released on April 7th its managed to garner a raft of negative reviews. One reviewer from USA Today has even pondered if it was the worst album of 2017. Well, according to the majority of reviewers, it seems to be.

Popular review aggregating website Metacritic has long been a way to gauge the popular success of a record, in much the same way that films may gauge success using the website Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, The Chainsmokers’ new record is the absolute worst reviewed record of the year so far, with an average score of 1.3 out of 10. In case you’re wondering, Ed Sheeran’s Divide is the second-worst reviewed album, with a score of 4.3, despite all of its chart success, while Aquilo’s Silhouette is the best reviewed record of the year so far.

This probably comes as no surprise to critics of the group, but for an album which Rolling Stone described as a “crushingly un-fun listening experience,” we have to wonder how its lead single has managed to stay near the top end of the ARIA charts for the last few weeks.