Luca Brasi have served a nation of bleeding-heart punk fans for almost 10 years. Revelling in the comfort of warm, life affirming anthems, a probing earnestness shines through in every waterfall-like guitar lick, driving drum beat and limb-flailing chorus.

They’ve fostered a family-like empire on emotional vulnerability and unrelenting hope – an essential message needed in a world that seems to have most definitely gone mad. In June this year, the band released their fourth studio album Stay – a celebration of life’s simplicities, the every day and realising what’s most important.

“It is a celebration of what we have and being lucky for what we have,” says drummer Danny Flood on Stay.

“Turning 30, entering the next stage of life and having a family – it’s celebrating the fact that we have got things and being thankful for what you have and not necessarily worrying about what you haven’t done or missed opportunities.”

Ebbing towards sombre yet sweet melodic textures, kind, emo-inflicted guitar tones and gripping hooks, Stay is Luca Brasi’s most realised and confident release to date.

“I think we’ve finally got to the point where this is the sound we’re happy with and we’ve been building towards this over the last couple of albums. Even though it’s album number four, it feels more like – and Tyler said the same thing – it feels a bit more like album number two.”

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“This is the album we’re most proud of, being able to do this with three of your best mates who you’ve known for three quarters of your life is really exciting and, as I said before, we’re extremely lucky to be able to do it. At the end of the day, we’re four spuds from St Helens up the east coast in Tassie, so take the opportunity with both hands and make the most of it.”

In August, Luca Brasi will be taking Stay around the country with emo luminaries Tiny Moving Parts and Aussie indie up and comer Eliza & The Delusionals. Having shared the stage previously with a litany of diverse acts, Luca Brasi have a cross-over appeal that’s sees them make their mark on most Australian musical subcultures.

“The crowd of people watching us has evolved and changed over the years. I don’t think we do anything different than what we used to. We just go and play the songs and hope we don’t make mistakes and make everyone feel inclusive and off enjoying themselves as well.”

“If they can take one thing away from our shows that you can go and have a good time but you’re going to be safe, you can enjoy your time and enjoy your space.”

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“When Luca started out or even when I was first joining, it was just thinking about mates and loose individuals and now obviously being a little bit more mainstream and radio play, as you said, different groups of people come in to watch and that sort of thing.”

Mental Health has become an issue at the forefront of the modern music industry. With a growing dialogue surrounding the issue, Luca Brasi have found a comfort in the support system they’ve made for each other.  

“We’ve known each other for a long time. We can generally know when something is up, but we communicate really well between the four of us and we’ve got supportive families and partners and all the rest as well.

“You should be able to talk about it and you shouldn’t feel like you’re stupid or pathetic for feeling that way. We’ve had times where one of us has had a rough week and are not really up for band practice or whatever, but we’re four very supportive people with one another.”

 “But for us as a band and four good mates, everyone is really open to any sort of assistance that one of us might need. It could be just giving him a break for a few days or being there to support them.”

Luca Brasi 2018 ‘Stay’ National Tour

Supported by Tiny Moving parts and Eliza & The Delusionals

Tickets on sale Tuesday, 5th June

Saturday, 11th August

Club 54, Launceston

Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 17th August

The Triffid, Brisbane

Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 18th August

Manning Bar, Sydney

Tickets: Official Website

Wednesday, 22nd August

Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Tickets: Official Website

Thursday, 23rd August

The Gov, Adelaide

Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 24th August

The Croxton, Melbourne

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