Mac Miller fans are in for a treat with the news that a biography celebrating the late rapper’s life and legacy is set to be released on October 26.

The book was penned by journalist Donna-Claire Chesman, who revealed via Twitter that the bio was to be titled The Book of Mac.

“From Year of Mac to Book of Mac, it’s been an incredible journey documenting Malcolm’s music and legacy,” Chesman wrote.

“Thank you to the 30-plus people I interviewed, to the family, and to the fans for trusting me with this story. This one’s for you.”

The biography examines the life and work of the popular rapper while gaining insight into his life through a year’s worth of interviews with fellow artists and friends.

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Among the interviews include Thundercat, Syd, Big Jerm, Rex Arrow, Wiz Khalifa, Benjy Grinberg, Just Blaze, Josh Berg, and more.

According to a description of the book on AmazonThe Book Of Mac is said to be “a vivid and poignant portrait of this astonishing artist – one who had just released a series of increasingly complex albums, demonstrating what a musical force he was and how heartbreaking it was to lose him”.

Mac Miller passed away in September 2018 following an accidental overdose at the age of 26.

Miller’s final album, Swimming, was nominated for Best Rap Award at the 2019 Grammy Awards posthumously.

Donna-Claire Chesman’s The Book of Mac: Remembering Mac Miller is available now for pre-order via Amazon and is scheduled to release on October 26.

The news of the release comes following comments made by Cardi B in March, in which she criticised those taking aim at the rapper and his family.

In a now-private tweet, one Twitter user criticised the Grammy’s decision to invite Miller’s family to the 2019 ceremony.

“His family didn’t have no mean energy so why you?,” she wrote. “I hate when ya make hate tweets like this go viral but where was the love when ya bullied him for months on this app & he was crying out for help? Making fun of him when he crash his car? Ya don’t care till somebody is gone.”

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Check out ‘Making Swimming & Circles’ by Mac Miller:

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