It’s no secret that music lovers have a heavy obsession with vinyl, one only needs to look at the chart-smashing sales the boundary-pushing design of Jack White’s Lazaretto achieved back in 2014 to prove that.

But now, thanks to our best pal technology, some microscopic photographs of vinyl up real close have been released and they are extraordinary

The high quality black and white images arrive courtesy of a Scanning Electron Microscope, revealing a whole world we never knew existed in the grooves of our treasured musical possession, as The Vinyl Factory point out.

The following pictures resemble some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland from a Mad Max film, the softer shots displaying cracks in the wax that appear like junkyard sand dunes whilst the sharper images depict a rusted, deteriorated tin roof.

Snapping back to reality, one must remember that the objects that look like the aftermath of a cataclysmic disaster are in fact just dust and dirt, perhaps a warm reminder to keep your records nice and clean.

You will never look at your beloved stack of vinyl in the same way after viewing these captivating photographs. Instead, you’ll start thinking of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


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Images courtesy of University of Rochester: URnano

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