It’s been a couple of years since Marilyn Manson was last in the country, and now with the release of a new album, some fans are wondering when the legendary shock-rocker will be coming back to Australia. According to a new interview, it seems like he wants to come back as soon as possible, but only if he’s able to play indoor gigs.

With Marilyn Manson having released his tenth album, Heaven Upside Down a couple of weeks ago, it would be logical for Manson, a constant visitor to Australia, to announce some Aussie tour dates to promote the album. However, it looks like Manson won’t be coming to Australia to play any festivals if he has his way.

As Music Feeds notes, Marilyn Manson spoke to triple j’s Ben And Liam this morning, talking about his potential return to the country. “They haven’t told me when it’s supposed to be, but I obviously want to come there,” the rocker stated, before making his feelings about his last Aussie performance, 2015’s Soundwave Festival, known.

“I’ve never really gotten the outdoor concert thing,” he said. “I remember I went to Lollapalooza, the very first one, and I took acid… There was a family that had a picnic blanket out and they were all covered in warts. Head to toe warts, as if they were cactus people with warts, and that was not good to watch when you’re on acid, it terrified me.”

“Strangely, maybe it was the acid that put me off, or maybe I was in the shade of the wart family, but it was not that hot out — even though it was in Florida — but any other festivals that are outdoors… they seem really sweaty.”

“It shows that the fans really endure the weather to get to see their favourite bands, so in that sense I appreciate it.”

Notably, Marilyn Manson’s last two trips to Australia, in 2012 and 2015, were both for the Soundwave Festival. The last time that Manson played a headline tour, consisting mostly of indoor venues, was in 2009 for his The High End Of Low album tour.

In the same interview, Manson also opened up in regards to his recent incident in New York which saw him crushed by a stage prop, causing the concert to be cut short, Manson to be hospitalised, and a number of shows to be rescheduled.

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“I went to stand on a lighting truss that was part of the stage show,” Manson explained. “I put my hand on it and it started to teeter back and forth, so I tried to stop it, but it landed on me, and I got knocked down and it crushed the bottom half of my right leg.”

Despite having broken his fibula, Manson was able to see a somewhat humorous side to it, regaling Ben And Liam with the story of how he was mistaken for the members of KISS.

“The night I went to the hospital, there was an older lady, and there were two tall white doctors,” he said. “She was afraid to ask who I was, but I had just come off stage, so I had a lot of make-up on. And I was still in my stage clothes and I was on a stretcher.

“She asked the two younger guys if I was KISS. That offended me enough that I heard it amid all of the pain I was in.”

In related Marilyn Manson news, the band’s founding guitarist, Scott Putesky (better known to fans as Daisy Berkowitz) passed away this week at the age of 49 after a prolonged battle with cancer. This news came only days after Manson’s current bassist, Jeordie White (better known as Twiggy Ramirez), was accused of sexual assault by Jack Off Jill frontwoman Jessicka Addams.

Manson took to Facebook this morning to announce that he is severing ties with Ramirez in light of the allegations, stating he has “decided to part ways with Jeordie White as a member of Marilyn Manson,” before noting he will be replaced for the upcoming tour.

Manson also discussed this topic on triple j this morning, speaking for the first time about the allegations. “I knew Jessicka and Jeordie had a romantic relationship many years ago and I considered and still consider Jessicka to be a friend,” Manson stated. “I knew nothing about these allegations until very recently and am saddened by Jessicka’s obvious distress.”

While it’s definitely been a rough period of time for Marilyn Manson, we hope that things start looking up again soon, and that he decides to treat his Aussie fanbase with much-anticipated headline shows sooner rather than later.

Check out Marilyn Manson’s ‘We Know Where You Fucking Live’:

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